Villa Seefeldt wasn't your typical granny. She loved Jesus and loved to share her faith with others. 

But when her son, Mike, invited her to go to a car show with him, she wasn't having it! He told her about the "Gospel" cars, but she said a car show was no place to talk to people about the Lord. 

Well, "Big Mike" kind of tricked his mom into going with him to a car show, and from that day on, she was hooked! She loved going and talking with people about the message on the cars and sharing her faith. She never missed another show!

Villa recently went "Home" to be with Jesus, and Big Mike requested that the cars come to the funeral so he could tell everyone about his mom's car ministry!​

​​Would you like to be part of our car ministry? Do you like to talk with people about the Lord? Please contact us and we'll set you up! It's rewarding and not hard, as we have printed materials to hand out. 

Use our "Contact"page and we'll let you know how to get involved.

​(Be sure you have a valid driver's license!)

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