The car was purchased in 2016 from a seller in Texas. It was a solid car, though one of our friends said that the roof looked like it had been "danced on" and really needed some quality bodywork to restore it to the level needed for a true show car. We began with a frame-off restoration overhaul, allowing us to re-work every piece on this car. It was decided to leave the 327ci Chevy Corvette engine and 3-speed tranny in her, adding a set of headers and a throaty dual exhaust system that makes this vintage drag car sound sweet. [more copy needed]

The Theme...

The Car...

"Special Delivery"

Transforming Classic Automobiles

With the Hope of Jesus Christ!

This beautiful 1955 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery  is also known as the "Handyman's Special." Hence, we've taken that idea and created the "Special Delivery" as a vehicle to get the truth about Who Jesus Christ is. 

Airbrush artists, [names here] spent two weeks creating the beautiful and unique artwork, glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with 10 distinct murals. On the driver's side, the "Son of Man" is depicted, and on the passenger side "Son of God" is featured. Jesus was both...fully man and fully God. The special tract for this car helps people to know WHO Jesus trutly was...GOD. [add additional copy]