Transforming Classic Automobiles

With the Hope of Jesus Christ!

The "Revelator"

The Car...

We started with a straight and solid 1957 Chevrolet Bel Aire as the platform for this build. This classic beauty came from Florida and after losing its classic side trim panels, the car was ready for bodywork and paint. Another decision was made to color-key the bumpers to match the rare, 5-spoke Hurst aluminum wheels with a beautiful, complimentary gold paint that really looks awesome against the jet-black paint, the base for the murals. The engine, a "donor engine" was a gift from a fiend of the ministry, who pulled it from a winning dirt track car which ran at a local track here in Niagara County. It's coupled with a [   ] transmission equipped with a quick shift kit making a combination that really snaps the head back on acceleration! 

The Theme...

This awesome '57 Chevy Revelator  is another beautiful canvas, not only for the great airbrush work of Mark and [insert names] , but a canvas of incredible images gleaned from the Book of Revelation!  Starting on the driver's side front fendet, these ten murals take the viewer through God's "end times" story...the very prophecy that reveals to mankind how the last days will proceed—from judgement to the final Kingdom of God. It's truly an amazing car that draws anyone walking by...a giving perfect opportunity to talk with people about their own future in eternity... a true Gospel opportunity!