The "Nazarene"

Survivor. That's what they call a car that survives it's original paint, body, engine, tranny, and whatever. But we called it "The Nazarene" because upon closer inspection we could see that the faded lettering was of a Nazarene Church. Rumor also had it that the church had aquired it from an US Air Force auction somewhere perhaps in Montana. Well, we just decided to go with those stories, making a new story built upon the old story.

Transforming Classic Automobiles

With the Hope of Jesus Christ!

The Car...

The Theme...

She's a 1962 Dodge Suburban, designated a passenger vehicle due to the windows all around. She's equipped with the infamously reliable, Chrysler "slant six," engine, a 225ci slanted bore block, six cylinder and a "three on the tree" column shifted manual transmission. The clutch is hydraulically controlled and smooth as silk. She purrs like a kitten thanks to one of our wonderful, volunteer mechanics, Kevin G. The was purchased locally from a man in the Town of Niagara. We decided to have the God's Rod's "old school" style door art, so our friend, legendary sign painter, Mark [    ] came over and made it all work beautifully. The only plans we have for her right now is to leave her alone and just drive! Lovin' the look!